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  January   February   March
12th : National Youth Day

29th : UNICEF Day

30th : Anti Leprosy Day


8th : International Women's Day

24th : World T.B. Day

  April   May   June
7th : World Health Day

11th : Safe Motherhood Day

22nd : World Habitat Day

1st : World Labour Day

28th : International Women's Health Day

31st : World Anti-Tobacco Day

5th : World Environment Day

1-7th : Cleanliness Week

June Month is observed as Anti Malaria month

 July   August   September
1th : Doctors Day

1st-7th : Malaria Week

11th : World Population Day

1st-8th : Breast Feeding Week

6 : Hiroshima (Nuclear Hazard) Day

25 Aug-10 Sep: Eye Care Fortnight

1st-7th : Nutrition Week

8th : World Literacy Day

15th : Occupational Health Day &
World Peace Day

24th : World Heart day

  October   November   December
1st : World Antiterror Day & National Voluntary Blood Donation Day

2nd : Anti Drug Addiction Day

4-10th : Mental Health Week

16th : World Food Day

14th : Universal Children's Day  & Diabetes Day

14-20th : Newborn Care Week


1st : Anti AIDS Day

3rd : World Handicap Day

10th : Human Right Day

15th : World Energy Saving Day


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